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A Guide to TV and Television Shows

TV is one of the most popular pastimes in almost every country around the world. In recent years, the volume and quality of television shows being produced have exploded. This means that there are now so many shows that it can be difficult for people to find something to watch. This site is intended to help users cut through the volume of shows and find something that will genuinely appeal to them and their interests.

Major TV Networks

Most countries' broadcasting systems are dominated by a small number of major TV networks. For years, this has made it difficult for new creators to break into the world of TV production since there are so few opportunities to actually get a show on the air. It has also made finding niche content very difficult since many shows are unavailable in foreign markets, and subtitling can be difficult. While the internet has changed this situation to some degree, there are still significant barriers that keep some TV shows from being seen outside their country of origin.

Streaming TV Shows

The rise of streaming TV has made it far easier for people to access niche or foreign content. The primary issue is the cost and variety of streaming services. One user can't sign up for all of the available services, so inevitably, they will find that they have to pick and choose to find a perfect one.